Nation of Amanda's “Nap All Day, Sleep All Night, Party Never” Sloth-shirts, now available in Men’s and Women’s sizes, in the Silver Sprocket store.

I made my roommate Amy Spohn climb the tree in our backyard and pretend to nap in a bunch of weird positions for this one. She’s also wearing the same sleeping-cap as in the Andrew Jackson Jihad pillowcases for continuity.

I have a lot of fun with these and would like to get into doing more weird photography that isn’t to sell stuff, but I feel weird about using people’s time when it isn’t “for something” — hey, lets get weird. 

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Damn the man and kick-flip his head off! This drawing by Liz Suburbia is called Organized Sports. We made 50 screen-prints (18x24 inches) along with patches and stickers that you can [order here from Silver Sprocket]. You should also read Suburbia’s comics in our very own As You Were #1 and #3, and her Sacred Heart web-comic that Fantagraphics is publishing into a graphic novel next year. Sick!!!

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Check out this video of our field trip to “Caturday! Take Your Cat to the Park” last weekend with Nation Of Amanda's brand new “I Want All Of The Cats To Love Me The Best” shirts.
Buy one on the new Silver Sprocket store-thing.

Last Saturday at Dolores Park….

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Check out the rad new comics i got last weekend at the Emerald City con! You can read them if you don’t mind hanging out in my snot cave.

Check out the rad new comics i got last weekend at the Emerald City con! You can read them if you don’t mind hanging out in my snot cave.

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What do you think about this classic Decendents song in the context of The Friend Zone / Nice Guy Syndrome?

(This comic by Liz O’Neill sums up Nice Guy Syndrome pretty well for the uninitiated)

A strongly held opinion of younger me was that punks were objectively better than the general population in terms of having ethics, kindness and a critical thought-process that I held dear. The main drivers of this still make sense — our values are informed by our heroes, and someone who watches endless WWE wrestling will have a different worldview from someone who listens to endless RVIVR, differences that manifest in more ways than we’re aware of.

With more world-experience I had to further define which “punks” I was talking about, such as noting the differences in scenes primarily inspired by Crass versus The Sex Pistols, and feeling an extra kinship with what I thought of as positive movements within the mostly pop-punk scene I spent most of my time in.

But the more I learn and experience the more I have to whittle away at this expectation of there being some “gold standard” of right-ness.  While still tremendously appreciating the art and craft of those that inspired me, none are immune from being failable in the face of new ideas and understandings.

In bringing up “I’m The One” I’m not trying to shit-talk The Decenents. This is a band that meant a lot to me growing up that I still love, but just as it was important for younger me to get called out when I’ve been wrong (and continues to be important in the never-ending quest for personal growth and in trying to be a better and more compassionate member of society), I think its also important to call attention to things that in hindsight our hero’s might not have been as right-on about as some of us thought they were at the time.

More personally, I wish to say “thank you” and “I’m sorry” to the friends who teenage-me didn’t quite understand when some of these ideas were first presented to me, notably in Saratoga and Sacramento. Being perceived as a straight white cis male I feel a bit weird with this structure of having an authoritative voice on this subject but the topic is especially important for those of us in the position of power to be talking about, and I would very much appreciate any feedback, discussion or criticisms.

Edit: I thought Jose Garza made a clear point with this over on facebook:

Songs like that definitely DID reinforce bullshit attitudes regarding women and romance that are taught to boys. At the time it did help me feel less alone, which is a positive thing, but I mean let’s not try to say the song isn’t what it is.

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I’ve finally made it. designer Julia Rothman and CEO Tina Roth Eisenberg claim to have created their “Party” wrist watch temporary tattoo independently of mine, which is possible, but I sincerely doubt it given how simular the designs are and how much older my design is than theirs. If they didn’t copy me, they didn’t do the most basic of checking to see if this exact concept didn’t already exist when designing theirs.

When I had the idea to make these, I searched first to see if anyone else was doing it, and I went ahead with my own after finding that they didn’t already exist. 

This is a concept I’ve been using for a few years, first with physical watches and now with the tattoos. A Google search with the words “party” “watch” and “tattoo” brings up my work as the first result, and has for six whole months before the Tattly design was released. 

Tattly wrote back to my emails, which I appreciate, but still said they wouldn’t stop making (what I think is) their copy of my design. Instead of being respectful designers they kept suggesting that I talk to their lawyer if I have a problem with it. There isn’t really anything I can do about this. 

Feel free to buy mine way cheaper than theirs if you want:

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My comiccon exploits are on this here great party man great party tumblr blog

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This ones been up hella days. HI BRAD.

This ones been up hella days. HI BRAD.

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I’m not gonna stop

I’m not gonna stop

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Everyone’s Favorite Reggae Jawbreaker Cover Band, Jahbreaker, Release New EP, Mon

I wonder if I can just hire jadedpunk to write all of my press releases…



America’s fourth best reggae Jawbreaker cover band, Jahbreaker, have released a new EP today, which you can listen to after the jump. 

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